Weekly Check-In

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend. I hope you have as much love in your life as I do. ❤


  • 4 hours Crisis Text Line

Charitable Givingnationwide-fundraiser-740x400

  • $1 – I participated in this past weekend’s Nationwide Coffee Fundraiser for the ACLU. I tried a new coffee shop in my area and although I won’t go back, I’m happy I participated. Coffee with a friend while raising a little money for a good cause, what could be better?
  • $20 Pro Seniors: O’Lucky You Grand Event – My brother is very dedicated to Pro Seniors which is an organization that provides advice, representation and justice for seniors in Ohio. Some of the prizes are Cincinnati specific but some of them are booze. It’s more about the cause but I love raffles.

Personal Kindness

  • I gave a coworker some restaurant advice. I know that seems silly to as a kindness but helping someone figure out a nice or fun place to take there family can be kind. It reminds you of things you love and good times you’ve had and hopefully it helps the person your talking to make great memories too.

Self Care

  • I knit and find it very calming. I’ve decided that I should teach myself how to crochet so I can learn to make these Octopui for Preemies. I’ve been playing around a little bit and have ordered supplies. I can’t wait. Much like being a reader, being a crafter means you have a nice be stash of books and yarn in the to-be pile.

How’d you do this week?


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