5 Ways to Be Good When Life Isn’t

I’ve been having a rough time lately. I know we’ve all been there. My dog got skunked and I’m trying to get a job and pay bills and family drama and then a nail in my tire. Sometimes it’s just one thing after another and the stress is overwhelming. You’re moving or having a baby or changing jobs or having trouble with family or financial stresses – we all face those metaphorical rainy days. So this post is as much for me as it is for you. Here are some things I’m trying to keep in mind while I navigate the rainy weather.

1. Don’t Stress About Being Stressed

You wouldn’t stress out about having a fever would you?!? Well I would but then I’d realize that that added stress wasn’t doing a thing to help my fever and I’d take some medicine and get some rest. Stressing out about being stressed is natural but it isn’t helping the problem. Focus on taking care of yourself and doing things that relieve your stress. This can be different for everyone but some good things to try are walking in nature, visiting with friends, meditating or yoga.


2. Empathy & Kindness are Muscles

The more you use them the stronger they get. So even if you are only being empathetic and kind to yourself, you’re growing those muscles so that when you’re in a better place you’ll be better at helping others. You aren’t wasting time being nice to yourself. We’ve all heard the cliche – you can’t pour from an empty cup – well it’s true. Fill up your cup so the empathy and kindness overflows.
3. Appreciate Receiving Kindnesses

You may not be able to show as many of those random acts of kindness when you’re down and out but believe me you will receive them. So notice them, appreciate them, be loudly thankful for them. Reach out to friends and family. They know you’ll be there for them when they need it, let them be there for you now.


4. A Break is NOT Failure

Stepping away from volunteering or donating or anything else you do to be a good person doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It means you’re taking a rest. It means you need a break. It doesn’t mean that you’re being bad or mean or anything else. It just means that you need to recover to come back stronger. If you need to set a date to get back to it, do that. Officially take time off of thinking and stressing about it.


5. It isn’t Always Going to Feel Like This

Metaphorical rainy days clear away for metaphorical rainbows and sunny days. This is just temporary stress and you’ll get through it. Give yourself some time and don’t let yourself slip into the doom and gloom that now your life is ruined. At first that skunk smell will make you feel like your nose wants to give up and nothing will ever smell good again. But days and weeks will pass and things will return to normal. You’ll burn candles and clean and breezes will sweep away the old smells and bring you new ones. It may take longer than you want but just remember it isn’t a permanent state. You’re a good person, things will work out.


What are your tips for dealing with those metaphorical rainy days?