New BeingGoode Hobby

I wanted to take a minute to share a new hobby of mine that makes me smile and feel amazing. It’s free and perfect to start right now.

My new hobby is making sure customer service workers get complimented for great service. It’s pretty simple –

  1. Have someone provide excellent service.
  2. Notice their name or ask for it.
  3. Ask for their supervisor, go online, or make a phone call to make sure their boss knows they did an excellent job.

While it’s always nice to smile, say thank you, and look someone in the eye when they provide great customer service, taking the extra time to make sure their boss knows can have a huge impact. It factors into performance reviews, raises, and generally in staying employed. Plus managers love hearing that someone who works for them is doing a great job especially when most comments are negative. It really doesn’t take that long and let me tell you, it feels good!

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