Accepting Self-Care

As I was putting away some laundry last night I stepped on a piece of glass (from who knows what) and the bottom of my foot started bleeding. I was stressed, annoyed, and not ready for one more thing to go wrong. I’ve been studying a lot and working a lot and a recent shin splint put a wrench in my training plans. As I cleaned up my foot it occurred to me that I have to just except that I need to take care of myself.


It seems strange that we would struggle against taking care of ourselves. Why would we turn down a night curled up with our favorite movie, a yoga session, a trip to a favorite restaurant with a friend, or a spa day? But the excuses seem to pile up; I should be working on something, there’s that laundry that needs to be done, I promised that family member that I’d put helping them first. And I, like most people, have to fight through a fair amount of guilt to get to self-care. I put others first or disregard fun for more important things. #TheStruggleIsReal


But you can’t let excuses and guilt get in the way because in the long run everyone suffers. Self-Care is an important thing. It helps you refresh and have the strength to be ready when others need you. My body wasn’t letting me ignore it any longer. I felt the need to take care of myself become more and more present even though I’d been putting it off and letting guilt put it on the backburner.


So I took a few deep breaths and told myself that I need to accept this self-care. I need it. I need yoga and to sit and paint my nails and maybe even a nap. Self-care is important and guilt needs to be let go of.


Do you struggle with accepting the need for self-care? How do you begin to accept it?



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