Empathetic Democracy 

It’s been a difficult week for a lot of us. Americans are feeling a lot of hurt on both sides of the political spectrum. 

I was at the airport on election night and as I watched the night unfold I saw the pain and jumped onto Crisis Text Line to help. It was amazing. It was amazing to hear how much real pain was being felt, it was amazing how many counselors jumped in to help, and it was amazing how healing it was for me to help. Crisis Text Line has helped thousands of people in the past couple of days. Seeing this community’s endless capacity for empathy is as unreal as election night felt. 

What I’ll say is there is so much we can do. I have been changed by the Special Olympics, the Invictus Games, Crisis Text Line, 826LA and everywhere else I volunteer. Volunteer more, encourage someone to come along with you, be kind to everyone you meet, spread empathy around like a virus. 

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