Weekly Check In


When one door closes another one opens  … well sometimes it just feels like all the doors are slamming shut. I’m still focusing on self care while I’m searching for that next door, that next wonderful opportunity!


  • 4 hours – Crisis Text Line

Charitable Giving

  • $0

Personal Kindness

  • An intern from my department was leaving. Along with all the other nice things my co-workers were doing – passing a card, organizing a going away lunch – I made sure to ask about what his upcoming opportunities were and share advice, encouragement, and just good old fingers crossed attitude with him.

Self Care

  • Trip planning! I have two trips coming up in the next six weeks and I get to spend a bit of my time daydreaming on the internet about them. Pinning pins on Pinterest, looking at blogs, and scanning travel websites. It’s so fun to get to daydream.
  • List making. So with these two trips, plus job hunting, and just everyday everyday-stuff, I have a lot to do. So I’ve been making lists. Making them with pretty pens, writing them down neatly, organizing and reorganizing them, celebrating with each check mark, and just generally enjoying them. I am always someone who has loved to-do lists and planners so I get to spend some time embracing that.

How’d you do this week?

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