2016 Yearly Check-In

I know it’s been a hard year with all the bad news in the news. We lost Bowie and Prince; Brexit, the US Election, and the endless coverage of both were very draining. But I hope if you take a moment to look at your own life you’ll see all the good news that 2016 brought.


275275 Hours – Most of these hours were spent on Crisis Text Line helping people cope with all the bad news in the news. But I also got to experience my first Invictus Games, I volunteered hours giving blood and platelets, I made blankets and scarves, and a few hours here and there doing whatever I could. I can’t believe I spent an average of 45 minutes a day volunteering.



Charitable Giving


  • I’d have to go back and add up all the small donations I made this year. It wasn’t much because of the financial struggles in my life but when I gave I gave with all my heart.





Personal Kindness


  • This year I really noticed as I sat down to write the nice things I’d done for others the first things that would always pop into my mind were the nice things others had done for me. It just showed me how these easy nice things you can sneak into your week make a huge difference in people’s lives.



Self Care

  • handI ran a marathon! And I have trained for another one in the beginning of January. The challenges of running long distances and committing to myself has been endlessly rewarding. It makes me feel like I can do anything.
  • I traveled. This year marked my first volunteering vacation and also my first time back in Europe in a decade. And I followed the Dalai Lama instructions to “Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before,” with a trip to Austin.
  • I took time to be calm and quiet and pamper myself when needed.


How’d you do this year? Are you ready for 2017?

I have big plans for 2017 that I will be announcing here on January 16th. I’m excited for the new opportunities and the new lessons that the new year will bring. Thank you for reading. Happy New Year!

Happy Groundhog Day!!!

It’s my favorite holiday. Happy Groundhog Day everyone! And no it’s not my favorite because of the movie.


I like it because 1) it’s a magical fortune telling groundhog who writes poetry, 2) I grew up in a place where the prediction mattered, and 3) it’s the easiest least stressful of holidays meaning you can celebrate as much or as little as you want. You can throw a party or forget until the morning of and just wish everyone a “Happy Groundhog Day!”


I think it’s an important part of self-care to make the decision to be happy and joyous and let yourself have fun. I know people think I’m kidding when I say Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday but it really is. It’s a day that I just get to be happy and celebrate just because. It makes me smile. This Groundhog has a crew of people in tops and tails taking care of him and thousands of followers to cheer for him.


Is there something that other people think is silly that makes you happy? Something that reminds you to smile when you forget? Something that you decide to allow to make you joyous? Share with me in the comments.