10 Ways to Add Kindness to Every Day


I was thinking about what kinds of things I could do simply and easily on a daily basis to be kinder. I came up with this list. I tried to make sure that this list involved things that don’t require money or preparation. The big theme is that kindness comes from things as simple as acknowledging others, being present, and being positive.

  • Open doors for other people.
    • The simple act of opening a door for the person behind you is an easy way to acknowledge the person.


  • Say Thank You.
    • Say Thank You as often as you can.


  • Make eye contact
    • Making eye contact while you’re talking to someone or even just passing by lets the person know you see them and acknowledge them.


  • Share space.
    • This is especially important when you’re walking in a group, please share the sidewalk. Make room for others. If you’re standing in a circle at a party leave a little space for others to join in. Keep your body language open and inviting.


  • Say compliments out loud.
    • I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at someone and thought how nice their hair looks or how much I like his or her outfit… and then just walk away. Say those things out loud. Everyone likes receiving compliments.


  • Meditate.
    • Being calm and taking time for you is a great way to create a kind atmosphere.


  • Tell a joke.
    • Laughter is the best medicine. Share a joke, do what you can to make someone else smile.


  • Put your phone down.
    • We’re all hooked on our technology but whenever you can, put it down. Pay attention to whoever or whatever is in front of you. Key times for this are around the dinner table or while driving.


  • Ask someone what he or she needs.
    • People are good at hiding their troubles. Ask them sincerely if you can do anything to help.


  • Don’t talk negatively about yourself.
    • Talking negatively about yourself makes everyone feel bad. Saying you look fat in your outfit isn’t kind to you or those around you who have to hear it.


What would you add as number 11?

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Add Kindness to Every Day

  1. Linda Aynes

    My friend, Kathy, taught me to always say a warm friendly “hello” to an elderly person who passes by as we walk. You may be the only person he or she talks wth that day and that small act may make a big difference in their day.


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