What I Mean by Personal Kindness

Kindness, like most things, is better when it’s personal.

You can and should be kind to strangers but you need to be kind to the people in your life you have a personal relationship with like your friends and family. Since I started focusing on personal kindnesses I’ve been noticing just how kind my friends and family really are. When trying to remember something I’ve done during the week to be kind to someone else, I see so easily how a friend’s kindness effected me during the week. I have some amazing friends who never stop showing me kindness. Hopefully I am just as kind back to them. Supporting them when they’re having a bad day or making a good day great.

I tend not to use the phrase random acts of kindness. It’s because I think these things shouldn’t just be random; kindness should be constant and consistent. There’s nothing wrong with being reliably kind. That’s what I’m thinking about and aiming for, nothing wrong with random acts of kindness, any kindness is good but that’s not my focus.

Personal also means what’s best for me. Buying the person behind me coffee might not bring me much joy but asking about someone’s weekend does. Personalize it to what works best for you and fits your personality. Find the ways that being kind light you up.

How do you personalize kindness?

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