Weekly Check-In

This week I’m at Crisis Text Line Palooza. It’s an amazing conference to bring together staff and counselers to learn, refresh, and have fun. 

I feel so connected and invigorated and it isn’t even over. While I love helping people via my computer from my living room each week, seeing my people in real life has been great. We’re in this superhero business together!!


  • 0 hours, kind of. I gave up my Crisis Text Line shift because I was on a plane but I’m here learning how I can help more and in a better way. 

Charitable Giving 

  • $0

Personal Kindness 

  • Earlier this week I was talking to my friend and they gave me the nicest compliment – they said I’m a safe space for them. I try to be open and available for my friends but it’s nice to hear that I am! 

Self Care

  • Traveling! So I’m in a city I’ve never been in before for Palooza and got to explore a little. Traveling to new places is so fun. Especially when something takes you to a place you never would have gone on your own. 
  • This builds of the last one but actually letting myself be on vacation. I disconnected from work, forgot about the dirty dishes in the sink, put my to-do list on hold and am not shy about taking a pictures. Vacation for real. 
  • Learning. I’m soaking up all I can from this conference and am learning about myself as a philanthropist. Love learning!

Share in the comments how you’re doing this week. 

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