Weekly Check-In

Lots of good stuff happening, I’m just trying to keep up. Seriously it’s a struggle to try to fit all the good things in without wearing myself out. 

  • 4 hours Crisis Text Line. I had an awesome shift coming off the energy of the conference. 

Charitable Giving 

  • $0

Personal Kindness 

  • It’s important to me to always be a helper. Especially at work, I always seem to be that person you go to with random questions. This week I helped someone with their timesheet and another find a lunch menu. Nothing drastic but still a chance to be kind. 

Self Care

  • It’s been hard this week because it feels like I don’t have time for it. But I did go to bed super early on Tuesday night and slept late too. 
  • Acupuncture. It’s so helpful to refocus on myself and my body. 

How’d you do this week?

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