Weekly Check-In

I’m feeling very joyful and ready for a calm and happy holiday weekend. I had some big wins in my personal kindness this week and I’m still feeling the joy of those.


  • 4 hours Crisis Text Line

Charitable Giving

  • $0

Personal Kindness

  • A friend of mine who has been looking for work for a few months recently found and started a new job. I decided to send her some flowers as a congratulations. We’re not super close and it’s expensive to send flowers but the joy it brought the both of us is far greater than any excuses I can come up with. Send flowers to someone if you can, it’s amazing.
  • I was getting coffee one morning this week and the line moved up and somehow I got in front of the gentleman who was in front of me in line. I tried to get him to take his place in line back but he wouldn’t. He was happier than most people are after thier morning coffee. So when I got to the front I ordered and when the cashier said “anything else” I just said “and whatever he’s having”. It was such a nice split second decision. It is also exactly what I mean by throw kindness around like snowballs. Could that money have gone to a charity or someone who needs it more? Maybe. But it was an easy way to be kind and feel joy this season so I did it.

Self Care

  • I’ve been checking things off my to-do list since work is calmer and quieter than normal.
  • I’ve also been putting some time in journaling and prepping my 2017 planner. Reflecting back and looking forward. Tis the season.
  • I just took my puppy dog to get a bath. It’s a treat for her that’s really a treat for me. They trim her paws and nails so that they are cuter than I can stand and she smells so nice.

How’d you do this week?

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