Throw Kindness like Snowballs

I’m going to go against my own advice a little bit and say it’s okay this time of year to not be as thoughtful. I’ll explain.

Around the holidays the donation jars, bins, and trucks seem to multiple infinitely. From Santa ringing a bell in front of the stores to giant bins at the grocery store to trucks lined up at a local parking lot to collections in your office. There are hundreds of people working to make it easier to give this time of year. So give! Put some change in a jar, buy an extra toy or canned good. It doesn’t have to be much.

This is the time of year to get in the spirit and I think an important way to that is to let go of the stress and contemplation and just be in the moment. It will be January soon and we can go back to thinking through every donation carefully. But for now I encourage you to shift your mindfulness into the moment. Hold doors, buy someone hot chocolate or bake cookies, sing, hug, and just spread joy. There’s a saying “Throw kindness around like confetti,” this time of year I say throw kindness around like snowballs!*



*I do have an asterisk to this post. If you’re feeling sadness, depression, or just stressed and down – take time for yourself! Self-care is still important or is more important during the holidays. If you need to reach out, please find help.

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