Weekly Check-In

This week I dove into research and was reminded of how much self-care is really needed. All the news and emotions and divisions can be toxic in too high doses. So it’s important to take time away from screens and doing things you love.


  • 4 hours Crisis Text Line

Charitable Giving

  • $0  – Good things are coming!

Personal Kindness

  • This week I had an awkward meeting. The other two people were very clearly nervous and unsure about what to say or how to act. The easiest response is to feed off of their energy and that leaves everyone feeling uneasy. So I did my best to smile, be positive, and let them know with my vibe that it’s okay to be uneasy. I wanted them to know it’s okay not to know what to say, I won’t judge. I hope my vibe helped ease the situation. At the very least I didn’t take on thier unease.

Self Care

  • Knitting! I’ve been craving quiet time just knitting away and I’ve been making that time. I have a project to finish and just bought some new yarn for more projects. I also got together with some knitting friends and even though it was just an hour it was so nice.
  • Cleaning, one of my new year’s resolutions is to have a consistently cleaner house. Get rid of the clutter, not leave the folded laundry on the couch, try to keep up with the dog fur, that kind of thing. I’m not a dirty person but I find myself in a cleaning frenzy when other people are coming over. I want to clean for me not just for others.

How’d you do this week?

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