Weekly Check-In

It feels like I got swept into the weekend. I’m in Los Angeles and we had a big storm that was all anyone could talk about and freaked out my dog.


  • 1 hour Crisis Text Line – I got a headache and had to cute my shift short this week.

Charitable Giving

  • $2,000 (not my personal money) – Sesame Workshop

Personal Kindness

  • National Random Acts of Kindness day was Friday! I don’t think I did much more than hold the door open for someone on Friday. But it doesn’t matter the size of your kindness, it matters that you’re kind.

Self Care

  • This week has been about enjoying the time snuggled up with my dog on my feet. I have a 55 lbs dog and she likes to lay her head and sometimes all of her on my feet or legs. As long as my leg isn’t bent the wrong way it’s pretty adorable and cozy.

How’d you do this week?

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