Weekly Check-In

The long weekend made this week fly by.


  • 4 hour Crisis Text Line

Charitable Giving

  • $25 – Cincinnati Ballet

Personal Kindness

  • Most of the time I find it much easier to notice when people are kind to me. What was nice about this week is that I got to experience the same kindness from both sides. I had a doctor basically say to me – Don’t be so hard on yourself. Resting is productive. – and then a few days later I got to say the same thing to a friend. As I listened to all the things she’s dealing with and with such grace and then tell me she’s worried she spends too much time playing games on her phone, I could hear it. I could hear the craziness of that statement. I could hear what the doctor was saying to me.

Self Care

  • I signed up for another race (or two). I’ll be doing a 10k and a half marathon in May. I’m excited that my leg is finally healing and I can ease back into running. My dog is probably the most excited about my recovery.

How’d you do this week?

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