Purple State Challenge – Minnesota



A friend let me know about this great organization and I’m glad to share it with you.

International Institute of Minnesota


“Helping New Americans achieve self-sufficiency and full membership in American life.

The Institute supports this mission by providing linguistically and culturally accessible services that enable every New American to work toward achieving full community participation and self-sufficiency.”

Why I choose this group:

I feel fortunate to have been born in America and I know that for a lot of people it’s been a hard long road to get here. I have a New American in my own family and I know how every kindness matters. The Institute knows that too. They provide programs created with empathy not pity. They give New Americans tools to succeed – classes, community. Because they know that if New American’s succeed then all Americans succeed. Success isn’t limited, we’re not going to run out.


Check them out:

You can donate here –

Website | iimn.org  Facebook | @IIMN.COMO


Don’t forget to let me know of awesome organizations in your state.

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