Weekly Check-In

The long weekend made this week fly by.


  • 4 hour Crisis Text Line

Charitable Giving

  • $25 – International Institute of Minnesota
  • $10 – Personal Hygiene products to donate to Aids Project LA Health

Personal Kindness

  • We’re going through quite a few shake ups at work. I’m trying to be extra kind to a co-worker who is having a hard time with it. Just making sure that I get work for her done on-time, respond quickly to her emails, just little things.

Self Care

  • I finished another round of PIIT28 this week. I’m feeling stronger and love just getting out of bed and working out. Even though I’ve had to modify because of my injury I’m getting a lot out of it. Exercise is fantastic medicine.
  • Since it’s light out a little later I’ve been grabbing my dog as soon as I get off work and heading to the park to sneak in 15 minutes or so of beautiful day.

How’d you do this week?

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