Purple State Challenge – Michigan



A friend of a friend wrote a wonderful note to me letting me know about this great organization. I want to hear from you too! Let me know about local organizations that are doing amazing things.

The Firecracker Foundation



“Honoring the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma by building a community invested in the healing of their whole being.”

Why I choose this group:

What really excites me about this group is the way they look at everything; the whole person and the many paths to healing. They start with a strong foundation of therapy but don’t stop there. They include exercise, community, and arts programs to address the whole person and multiple the healing power.

The reason it was suggested to me was in part due to the relentless work ethic of Tashmica Torok the Executive Director. After reading her profile on the Firecracker site I can see why. She seems wonderful and a real warrior for her community. These are the people I want to support as we can sometimes get lost in national and international politics and forget that there are so many people to support if we just look around our community. And if you don’t find someone, be that someone. You can make huge impacts to the people around you. Be a firecracker for good!


Check them out:

You can donate here –

Website |thefirecrackerfoundation.org  Facebook |@TheFirecrackerFoundation Twitter | @FirecrackerFdn

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