Weekly Check-In

Still trying to keep it together.


  • 4 hours – Crisis Text Line

Charitable Giving

Personal Kindness

  • I went to a networking event this week and for a lot of people they can cause anxiety. But I’m pretty good with social interactions so I made it a point to find someone who I could tell was feeling awkward and introduce myself, ask them questions, and generally lead a conversation. Hopefully I was able to made someone’s night a little easier.

Self Care

  • Whenever I got a compliment this week or someone said something nice to me, I’d repeat it. Just throughout the day I’d play back in my mind, “John said he liked my top today.” I’d keep track and make myself hyper-aware of the nice things people were saying to me. When someone would ask me how my day was going I would reply, “Great, I got two compliments on my mug this morning.”


How’d you do this week?

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