Weekly Check-in

My thoughts are with Paris and all of France tonight.

This week was pretty calm. Mostly focused my first marathon in January.

  • Traditional Volunteerism
    • 4 hour Crisis Text Line Shift
  • Charitable Giving
    • For my run on Sunday I finally tried the “Charity Miles” app. You use it as you’re running/walking/biking and they’ll donate to one of a dozen or so charities based on your mileage. It’s a very small amount and while I’ve had the app on my phone for months I usually forget to turn it on since I use a different app to track my runs. I chose charity:water and raised $4.71. The app was off by about half a mile and drained a lot of the battery but I’m going to try and remember to use it more often. Have you tired this app? What are your thoughts? http://www.charitymiles.org/
  • Personal Kindnesses
    • This week the personal kindnesses were more like kind interactions this week. I called Delta to try and use a voucher that wouldn’t work online to buy my tickets for January. I’ve worked in customer service for years and know that honey is the way to catch bees. I asked for a supervisor and kindly asked him if he could help me and without yelling or insulting I was able to get the extra help I needed. Please be kind to customer services workers. There is always somewhere to go from kindness, if you start with anger you have nowhere to go. Do you have a customer service kindness success story?
  • Self Care
    • It may feel like the opposite of care at times but I’m training for my first marathon. I ran 19.2 miles this past weekend as part of my training. I’m sore but good.
    • They say planning for a vacation brings as much joy as going on it. I have planning my trip for my marathon in January and it is bringing me a lot of joy right now. It’s nice to daydream about far off places. What’s your favorite part of planning a vacation?

Please share in the comments how you’re doing this week!

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