Weekly Check-In

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!


  • Traditional Volunteerism
    • 4 hour Crisis Text Line Shift which I moved to Thursday afternoon this week


  • Charitable Giving
    • I used the “Charity Miles” app. It doesn’t track the history of how much you raised per run but I did it twice this week for The Wounded Warrior Project and The Nature Conservancy. http://www.charitymiles.org/
    • Coming out of the grocery store I put a handful of change into the Salvation Army bucket. It was probably less than a dollar but the bell ringer was very sweet and reminded me the act of giving is what’s important.


  • Personal Kindnesses
    • I went to see a movie with my friend and we were chatting on the sidewalk by my car, catching up after the movie. There was a woman with her trunk open just looking at two grocery bags. Eventually she asked us for a favor, she had had a small surgery earlier that day and was having trouble lifting the bags. We carried two bags from her driveway to her front door. It was so easy for us and so helpful for her. I’m really glad she asked and the timing was right that we were there.


  • Self Care
    • Two seemingly opposing things I focused on this week were making sure I got in my running, toning, biking, and yoga and making sure I got pie. I went to my favorite local bakery on Thanksgiving and had coffee and pastries while I wrote and bought an entire pumpkin pie for myself. Then I went on my traditional Thanksgiving hike with my dog. It’s about balance right?!


Please share in the comments how you’re doing this week!

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