Weekly Check-In

It’s getting to that holiday craziness time of year. I hope to have another post up this weekend.


  • Traditional Volunteerism
    • I made up for last week with 2 Crisis Text Line shifts this week. That’s 8 hours of crisis counseling which took a ton of energy but is always worth it.


  • Charitable Giving
    • I didn’t give any money away this week. I wish I had room in my budget and hopefully 2016 will bring better fortune.


  • Personal Kindnesses
    • This week I got multiple compliments from my coworkers on my positive attitude. This was so nice to hear especially when, especially in my current work situation, I feel dejected. It was a nice reminder how taking the time to compliment someone you see everyday can make a difference.


  • Self Care
    • I got new running shoes and am getting frighteningly close to my marathon. Running has improved my mental fitness as much as it has my physical fitness.
    • Gummi bears. Crisis Text Line has brought out a sweet tooth I didn’t know I had.


Please share in the comments how you’re doing this week!

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