Weekly Check-In

So sad that Prince is gone. Again I’m seeing so much art, music, and writing -the best way to heal from tragedy.

Traditional Volunteerism

  • 4 Hours Crisis Text Line.

Charitable Giving

  • $5 – There was a pancake breakfast for the local fire department. They raised money for burn victims and I got pancakes. Win-Win!

Personal Kindnesses

  • One of my co-workers lost their job this week. It was just a day after I had said to her that I hoped she’d stay. I really genuinely wish her the best and very much respect her positive attitude about everything.

Self Care

  • I got to do something nice for my niece. I made her a running tutu for her first 5k. Now my apartment is covered in glitter. I hope she’s as excited as I am for her.

Please share in the comments how you’re doing this week!

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