Countdown to Invitus

Only 5 days until I’ll be in Orlando for the Invitus Games! I’m very excited and also in scramble mode trying to get things done. I’m starting to see why people take Voluntourism vacations that are pre-planned… Pulling things together from across the country is a lot of work. I’m also doing a 10k and a half marathon this weekend. I had signed up for it previously and it will be the reason I’m going to miss the opening ceremonies of the games.


I’m trying to put together a game plan for my posts and what I’m going to write about. I’ll try to do a quick update daily during the games and hope to come away with some longer pieces by the end of my trip. I’m signed up to volunteer from 7am to 11pm most days so we’ll see what happens.


The Queen, POTUS, and Trudeau are all ready and have posted twitter videos that are pretty hilarious. So I’m just going to take a queue from them and drop the mic on this post. Game on!

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