Weekly Check-In

I happily busy preparing for the week ahead. I’m very excited for my first volunteer based vacation.

Traditional Volunteerism

  • 4 Hours Crisis Text Line.

Charitable Giving

  • $0

Personal Kindnesses

  • There was an accident at work and I was able to stay calm and get into action to get the woman medical attention. Everyone needs help at some point and I was happy to do what little I could to help her.

Self Care

  • Daydreaming about my trip! Planning and organizing can be part of the joy of vacation. Also I’ve been cleaning my apartment in preparation which means I’ll come home to a nice clean place.
  • There is a little pond where I work and this week there were nine baby ducks! The little fluffy balls of spring brought me so much joy.

Please share in the comments how you’re doing this week!

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