Purple State Challenge – South Carolina



I found this organization by doing a search of my company’s matching donation portal. Someone along the way discovered this and went through the steps to have it approved for matching by our company. A great way to discover things.

Neighborhood Outreach Connection



“To help all individuals in the community achieve the “American Dream” – economic independence, and personal fulfillment.”

Why I choose this group:


What I love about this group is that it started with just one person noticing a problem in his own community and taking action. They saw the poverty right along side the wealth in Hilton Head Island, a resort town that I used to vacation in with my family, and they did something about it.

I also appreciate that they are working towards eliminating poverty at it’s roots. They are looking at the causes and trying to heal and improve the community at the base. It’s a smart and thoughtful approach.

Check them out:

You can donate here –

Website |Neighborhood Outreach Connection

Facebook |@NeighborhoodOutreachConnection Twitter | @noc_sc

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