Weekly Check-In

The weather has been so beautiful so I’ve been trying to enjoy it. Taking time to stand in the sun (with sunscreen)!


  • 0 – I had to bow out of my Crisis Text Line shift for some self care. Hopefully I can make it up this weekend.

Charitable Giving

  • $25 Neighborhood Outreach Connection

Personal Kindness

  • I saw a beauty product online that was on sale so I texted it to my friend. It doesn’t matter if they bought it or not, the point is I was thinking of them and let them know that.

Self Care

  • I went out to a state park to see the wildflowers. It was a bit of a drive and it took up most of the day but it was so worth it.
  • I’m back to running and it feels amazing. All that time in nature has been very missed.


How’d you do this week?

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