Weekly Check-In


Happy Transgender Day of Visibility! I celebrated by going to a talk that my work put on to learn more about issues Transgender people deal with. I hope you celebrate today and find out how to see a brighter future for Transgender people.


  • 4 hours – Crisis Text Line

Charitable Giving

  • $0 – Due to end of the month budgetariy restraints there was no purple state donation this week. But stay tuned because my list of awesome organizations is growing!

Personal Kindness

  • I met a lot of new people at work this week. I tried my best to just listen to what they are saying. A lot of times in a professional setting you’re waiting to answer or worried about what you’re going to say or nervous if this person with a fancy title will like you. I think just listening and smiling is a good way to be kind.

Self Care

  • I took some time to do spring cleaning. It feels so nice to sit and enjoy a clean living room. That was also one of my New Year’s resolutions to clean my apartment for myself and not just for visitors.
  • It’s been windy and allergy chaos lately so I’ve been doing some extra resting and staying inside. Frustrating when you just want to go outside and enjoy but better in the long run to take care of yourself.


How’d you do this week? How are you celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility?

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