Purple State Challenge – Oklahoma



Up With Trees



“To beautify greater Tulsa by planting trees and to create urban forestry awareness through education.”

Why I choose this group:


Sometimes we think that planting a tree is frivolous, that it doesn’t really have a huge impact when we turn on the news and see so many upsetting things. But Up With Trees knows better. Planting trees grows communities. It helps with physical and mental health. It helps people and nature. And there are dozens of studies to prove it. Spending time in nature – even just a walk down a tree lined street – can dramatically improve your well being. It isn’t frivolous, it’s vital.

I like that Up With Trees focuses on urban areas and education. You can see the passion and joy in the people of this organization. I also wanted to choose a nature related organization for Oklahoma because of it’s natural beauty that has been lost to industry and development. The environment is vital to progress and society, it’s not something we can ignore for short term gains.

Check them out:

You can donate here –

Website |Up With Trees

Facebook |@up.with.trees Twitter | @upwithtrees


Watch this great video:

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