Weekly Update

What did you think of the eclipse? Natural events like that can affect us all in different ways. I tried to focus on the positives, getting to share time with co-workers, being thankful a coworker was willing to share their glasses with me, and then making a fun crochet eclipse pattern as a thank you. It was a nice excuse to connect.

I’ve also tried to think of it as a bit of a cosmic reset. Wiping something clean to get ready for a new start.


  • 4 hours – Crisis Text Line

Charitable Giving

  • $0

Personal Kindness

  • I saw a cute crochet pattern and it was quick to make. I went home and spent an hour making it and gave it to my coworker. I love making things to give away. I get the joy of making and hopefully, the recipients get the joy of the gift

Self Care

  • I had a busy week of networking and team building and spending time with friends so my self care this weekend is going to be being alone with my dog. I’m an introvert, which means I need to recharge my batteries by spending time alone. So this weekend that’s the plan.
  • Podcasts. There are a few I love – Dear Sugar and The Minimalists have been at the top of my list lately. It’s so nice to put one on and tackle some cleaning or take the dog on a walk.

How’d you do this week?

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